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The Gutman Method

Getting into college has never been more competitive than it is now.

Even if your teenager has good grades and a long list of extracurricular activities, they look just like everyone else to the college admissions committee. The top schools are looking for “unicorns” - students who accomplish what seems impossible. In today’s competitive environment they say kids have to create something extraordinary, like start a movement or a charity, in order to get noticed. But your teenager probably has no idea where to even begin.

Your teenager needs a lesson in entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship is about much more than starting your own business.

Starting a business is easy. The hard part is standing out to succeed in a competitive market. Ninety percent of businesses fail in the first few years. With that failure rate, not standing out has huge consequences.

It’s no different for teenagers applying to colleges. With competition for admission to the top schools more intense than ever, the applicants who succeed are the ones who stand out. Applicants who don’t stand out don’t get in.

Teenagers need to mimic the strategies successful entrepreneurs use to navigate these waters. The Gutman Method shows your teenager how to use these strategies to stand out on college applications, get into their top-choice schools, and succeed in life.

Meet Jordana

Welcome! I'm Jordana Gutman.

I've had my own company since I was 26 years old because I always thought it was more fun to create opportunities than it was to find a job.

I think many people are like me, they just don't know where or how to start. As a result they take jobs that they don't like and they end up unhappy and never reach their full potential. I don't want that to happen to anyone.

There's nothing that makes people happier than achieving big, inspiring goals. If I can empower more teenagers with the self-direction and the tools to strategically go after and achieve big, inspiring goals, then I can help more people end up happier. I teach teenagers because the earlier someone learns these skills, the better they'll be able to use them by the time they are ready to play in the big leagues. I teach my classes online so I can have as broad an impact as possible.

What I want is to transform all of my students into adults who are totally psyched about their lives because people who are psyched about their lives are more likely to contribute and cooperate and make the world better for everyone else.

About Jordana Gutman

Entrepreneur Coach and Success Trainer for Teens, Jordana Gutman, received a BA in economics from the University of Michigan and a JD from the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law and a Certificate in Coaching from New York University. Jordana founded and ran her own law firm in New York City for ten years before becoming an entrepreneur coach and success trainer.

Vision And Philosophy

Jordana's goal is to teach your teenager to think and act like an entrepreneur so they can strategically go after and achieve anything they want in life. Her entrepreneurial formula for standing out on college applications was created based on research into success strategies for teenagers, life experience from starting and running her own business, and also, in part, on strategies she learned from marketing experts, since, after all, a college application is an advertisement to the college. The class is designed to be interesting, exciting and deeply impactful.

Download The Easy 5-Step Entrepreneurial Formula To Stand Out On College Applications. FREE