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  • Honestly, if I didn't have these sessions with you or hear the story about your background, I never would have thought getting connections could be this simple. You taught me that I don't have to wait around for an opportunity when I can find one or create one for myself. Thanks again for everything.
    Senior at Brooklyn Tech
  • I worked with Jordana as I was starting my life as an entrepreneur.  She didn't just help me survive my challenging transition from corporate life to the start-up world, Jordana helped me thrive during this critical time.  Having run a successful law practice of her own, Jordana knows first hand what it takes to make it in business and this differentiates her from so many of the other coaches out there.  Jordana gets it.  Two years later, my business is booming and Jordana played a big role in helping me make it happen.
    Jayne Charneski
    Consumer Research, Insights & Strategy
  • Jordana is a driving force and the best person to have by your side. Jordana showed me the way when I took the plunge and started my own law firm in 2008. She continues to be the person I turn to for guidance in all areas of my life. Professionally, Jordana assists me with oral advocacy, trial practice and case strategy. Jordana is a phenomenal writer and a huge source for personal growth and inspiration. She is a keen listener who easily identifies the issues and areas that need improvement. Jordana develops a plan of action and is there each step of the way. She is a brilliant strategist who is extremely knowledgeable, reliable, consistent and an overall tremendous asset. I am incredibly lucky to have Jordana on my team!
    Deborah J. Blum, Esq.
    Criminal Defense Attorney
  • From working with you, I learned that I can pursue anything my heart desires. Our work furthered my interest in sociology / social work, especially through my advice column you helped me create that gave me the opportunity to help others in pretty much anything they were going through. Before meeting you I had never had someone so indulged and interested in supporting me in my life as you were, and I feel like I grew as a person, became more mature and more aware and with your help I truly found my passion.
    Manuel Rodriguez
    High School Junior NYC